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29 March 2005

Why a Weblog

an epiphany triggered by Robert Scoble's suggestion

A few of months ago(maybe longer -- it was around the time of the Red Couch book announcement), I was talking to Robert Scoble of Scobleizer fame. Robert and I have been friends since 1997 when we were both Microsoft MVPs(for NetMeeting). He, of course, has gone on to be a world famous Microsoft blogger(I am not sure I can really say that with a straight face) and continues to be an all round nice guy(that I can say with a straight face). We were discussing the possibility of using Courses by Wire as a case study for the book he and Shel Israel are writing on weblogs in business. It turns out that they were looking for more local non internet/technical businesses so we were not a candidate.

Almost the first thing that Robert said though, after looking at our then home page, was "Why isn't your home page a weblog?". Well that was an epiphany for me. Why not indeed? I have been operating a personal weblog for a couple of years (mostly as catharsis) and have recently started a MSN Spaces weblog to post pictures on so I did understand technically and personally the issues involved in mounting and operating a weblog but I had not considered it as a marketing strategy.

A weblog seems a perfect way to contact new customers, stay in contact with existing customers generate discourse and generally keep involved for all management of Courses by Wire.

Well it took a while(we are small, I am the sole technical resource and was involved in other projects) but here it is.

Welcome to the Courses by Wire corporate weblog!

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